The rebirth of an iconThe Hôtel de Crillon has closed
its doors for renovation.

HistoryCelebrating an extraordinary history

Since 1758, Paris has sparkled with the grandeur and magic of the Hôtel de Crillon. Today, this legendary palace is closing its doors to write the next chapter of its illustrious history.Over the course of the last three centuries,
the Hôtel de Crillon has witnessed the reign of two French kings, the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Empire and the birth of the League of Nations. Built to captivate, the hotel’s majestic architecture has dazzled generations of visitors and played host to some of history’s greatest French and international events.For the reopening, the hotel will celebrate the beginning of a new era.

a national treasure

The Hôtel de Crillon has closed
its doors in order to build a future
as bright as its past:one that is inspired
by the hotel’s glorious history, respectful
of its traditions and faithful
to its character.Thus, this masterpiece
of 18th century architecture
is undertaking major renovation
works that will enable it to meet
its clients’ highest standards.These renovations confirm
the hotel’s commitment
to providing both service
and surroundings beyond

the new Crillon

The renovations will further enhance the majesty and elegance of this exceptional place, while conserving the spirit of its prestigious 18th century edifice.

In December 2013, it was announced that Hôtel de Crillon will be under the management of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, one of the leading ultra-luxury hotel companies.

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